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Why should I buy #1 metal instead of #2?

#1 metal has a 40 year Energy Star approved warranty which guarantees against fading to keep your roof looking new.
#2 metal or secondary has no warranty and although it looks good when first applied it has a greater chance of becoming dull, and also where it is cut and at the edges of the panel it is prone to edge rust quickly.

What happens to metal if I store it wet in a stack?

If metal is exposed to standing water for a prolonged period of time it is possible for the paint to begin to bubble then peel thus causing the metal underneath to begin to rust.

What is the best way to cut metal?

The best way to cut metal roofing is with an approved set of metal cutting shears. There are many types available including hand snips and power shears.

Why does pressure treated lumber rust metal?

Treated lumber contains a chemical to “wolmanize” the wood which is corrosive to metal products.

Why does my roof need ventilation?

Without proper ventilation your roof will “sweat”, causing moisture to form and possibly damage decking or lathing or in the worst scenario cause damage to the interior of a home.

Why should I not cut metal with a power saw?

Cutting metal roofing with a power saw, even with the blade turned backwards, heats up and sears the protective coating on the cut edge thus allowing rust to begin.

Why should I not install metal directly to fiberglass shingles?

Weather changes from hot to cold and metal roofing expands and contracts accordingly. This will case the metal to rub against the asphalt surface of the shingle, eventually wearing away the paint on the underside of the panel allowing rust to form. Given enough time, it will rust a hole through the metal panel.

Can I install my metal using a 1x4 lathe?

Yes you can. Using an untreated wood 1×4 lathe would be fine. You will need to be mindful of only stepping where there is support under the metal to keep it from buckling.

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